Reflective Bead Variety Sample Packs

Reflective Bead Variety Sample Packs
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Reflective Glass Beads - Variety Sample Packs

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Try a sample of some of our most popular reflective glass beads: Standard, “Airport Quality”, Powder and Deco Molded.


Sand like texture.

Same glass beads used on traffic lines.

Meets all Federal and State specifications and can be used in inter-mix(for texture) or drop on applications(to be reflective).

Sizes are 20-325 US Mesh, 45-850 Microns, Roundness >= 70%.

Refractive index is >= 1.51.

“Airport Quality”

Our highest quality glass beads;

 These beads offer high performance and durability due to their extremely smooth surfaces, greater than 95% roundness and less than 1% air inclusions.

Size 12-30 US mesh, 600-1700 Microns.

These are slightly larger than our standard beads. 

Beads are Type I with a refractive index of 1.5.


Powder-like texture.

Similar to the glass beads used on street signs and in aerosol sprays.

Inter-mix(for texture) or drop on(reflective) applications.

Sizes is US Mesh 100-200, Mil-Spec 10, Roundness 65 to 95%.

Refractive index is >= 1.51.

Deco Molded

Our Largest High Quality Glass Spheres are produced using state of art molding technology.

Size 3.0 mm, Roundness >= 95%.

Refractive index is >= 1.52.


Reflective Glass Beads - Variety Sample Packs

4 - 4 Ounce Bags  (Total 1 pound)

4- 8 Ounce Bags (Total 2 pounds)

4- 1 Pound Bags (Total 4 pounds)


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