Reflective Iron On Letters - 2.5 inch

Reflective Iron On Letters - 2.5 inch
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  • Item #: Iron On 2.5"
Reflective Iron On Letters
2.5" high letters
The letters are reflective, Iron On Material
The silver/gray color is Certified EN471, Class II for safety applications.
The font is Arial Black.
7 (2.5" high) letters/characters/numbers will fit in a 12 inch long space,
 like on the back of a shirt.
Can be applied to Cotton, acrylic, polyester and similar fibers.
Application Directions:  Heat at 300 - 360 degrees for 15 - 20 seconds, medium pressure.  Peel cold. Wash Instructions:  Temperatures up to 180F degrees inside out.
The iron on letters above were ironed on a sweatshirt.
The letters in "SMITHEL" are 2.5" high.

The picture above was taken with a flash camera.
The above iron on is silver/gray and the below iron on is the yellow and the red/orange in regular daylight and also with a flash camera.

 The picture below is the white iron on without the flash.


The iron on below is the white with the flash.



On a polyester safety vest.



Above is black without a flash camera and below is black with a flash camera.



2.5" high letters/numbers/characters cost $2.85 per letter.
USPS Domestic 1st Class Shipping costs are included in the above price
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Price $2.85