Deco-MoldedReflective Glass Beads: 4 ounce Sample Pack

Reflective Glass Beads, Deco Artist Sample Pack
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"Deco-Molded" 4 ounce Artist Sample Packs

Large Reflective Glass Beads 3.0 mm - 7.0 mm

Sample all FIVE (5) of our molded beads! 

4 ounces of each bead size

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High Quality Reflective Glass Spheres.
Great for Artists!
Produced using state of art molding technology.
sizes 3.0 mm through 7.0 mm. 
Roundness >= 95%. Refractive index is >= 1.51.
Uses include topical paint applications, decorations, signs, art and craft projects.

3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm

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