Non skid/Anti Slip Cleats

Non skid/Anti Slip Cleats
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Premium Grade 60 Grit Anti Slip Cleats

Constructed from a thick PVC base layer impregnated with an aggressive 60-grit mineral abrasive compound. Manufactured from a durable mineral abrasive formulation bonded to an ultra tough polymer substrate and backed with a solvent based contact adhesive for instant grip. The result is a durable and reliable non skid traction cleat. The backing has an aggressive acrylic adhesive system for longevity that will form a strong, water-proof bond to most any clean, dry surface. Our anti slip safety tapes MEET OR EXCEED: OSHA Spec 1910.24 Stair tread, OSHA Spec 1910.26.

(Peel backing and place on a clean, dry, oil-free, smooth surface)

An excellent and cost effective choice for commercial, industrial and residential indoor and outdoor non slip tape applications.

Our Yellow Reflective Stripe cleats have a 3/8" strip that reflects light back to the source of the light. Such as a flashlight. It is also highly visible in the day due to the bright yellow color. Our Glow in the Dark Stripe cleats have a strip that glows when the lights suddenly go out for about 1 hour fairly bright and up to 6 hours more dimly.

The coarse black cleats are a very deeply textured, 36 grit surface, to offer non-slip protection, even in the dirtiest conditions. This tape has a very aggressive grit surface and is recommended for areas with heavy debris only.

Great on all types of trailers, ramps, playgrounds, pool areas, RV's, stairs, ladders, work areas, snowmobiles, scooters, construction machinery, vehicles, machine shops, hazardous floors, lawn equipment, boat decks, and trucks.

6" x 24" Black(60 grit) $5.29 each
6" x 24" Coarse Black $5.99 each
6" x 24" Clear Cleat $5.29 each
6" x 24" CAUTION $5.99 each
6" x 24" WATCH YOUR STEP $5.99 each
6" x 24" Hazard(black/yellow) $5.99 each
3" x 24" Hazard(black/yellow) $5.99 for a set of 2 cleats
6" x 24" Black with Reflective Stripe $13.49 each
6" x 24" Black with Glow Stripe $13.49 each
6" x 24" Black with Yellow Stripe $13.49 each

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