Reflect-All 8 oz can (Click picture for description)

Reflect-All  8 oz can (Click picture for description)
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8 ounce can

 Can not ship outside the mainland U.S.

 A revolutionary light-reflective *spray paint that can be applied to almost any surface. With patented retro-reflective micro beads, it is the most durable reflective spray on the market. Sprays on opaque and is virtually invisible during the day but brilliant in low light situations. Hundreds of uses! Makes Any Surface Intensely Reflective.

Works great on: Asphalt-Concrete-Masonry-Plastic-Rubber-Stucco-Wood-Metal-Fabric. Permanent, Waterproof and does not fade!

17.99 for 1 - 8 ounce can

 *The invoice will say USPS Priority Shipping but since it is an aerosol it will be shipped USPS Parcel.


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