Reflexite V97 - 1 & 2 inch

Reflexite V97 - 1 & 2 inch
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Fluorescent Yellow Reflexite V97 Tape

Prismatic Reflective Tape

V97 is a tough, weather and solvent resistant product designed for rugged outdoor use for graphics applications on vehicles.  It is die and plotter cut able, and easy to apply to smooth painted or unpainted vehicle surfaces.

It is composed of cube corner(microprism) retroreflective elements integrally bonded to a flexible, smooth-surfaced tough and weather-resistant UV stabilized polymeric film. 

Microprismatic technology ensures the longest sight detection distance.

Exceeds NFPA 1901 requirements. 5 year outdoor life. 7 times brighter than Engineer Grade Striping


Designed for emergency vehicles.


An extremely bright, tough tape. The material included and aggressive high-tack pressure sensitive adhesive.



Material should be applied to a smooth, clean, dry, surface at temperatures ranging fro 50F to 100F.



V97 reflecting from a flash camera

1" x 10ft  $16.75

2" x 10ft  $22.99


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