"Trail-Thread" Reflective Trail Markers

"Trail-Thread" Reflective Trail Markers
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  • Item #: Trail Thread
Refective Markers
1.0 mm wide
25-2 foot ribbon strips

A “must have” for any serious hunter, hiker or outdoor enthusiast! TrailThread is a double-sided highly reflective thread that is extremely visible at night and low light situations. Using glass bead technology  the thread sends any light directly back to its source.

The retro-reflective thread is virtually invisible during the day which allows you to mark your trail while still keeping it a “secret”! Hunters can use this incredible thread to return to a favorite spot.


Fisherman can place it on a nearby tree to revisit a highly productive location. Hikers can mark trails or use it to find their way back out of the wilderness. Great for ATV and Horseback riders! It can be even be hand sewn, knitted or crochet into hats, vest or other garments.  




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